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2023 BMW X5

All internal combustion engines need oil to run properly to prevent wear, friction, and permanent engine damage. If gasoline is the food that runs your engine, motor oil is the blood that keeps the vital parts moving smoothly. Modern BMW models use high-tech advances to get the most out of your new vehicle with sensors and sophisticated computers that keep an eye on everything going on with your car or SUV.



Because BMW is at the top of its craft, you need to treat your new BMW X5 with tender loving care, and it will take care of you and your family. That’s why only premium synthetic motor oil will do.

BMW X5 Oil Type for Your Lifestyle

What type of oil do the experts at BMW of Peoria recommend for the BMW X5? The manufacturer says a synthetic formula, like BMW 5W-30 motor oil or 0W-30 for colder climates. They deliver the best results on Peoria and Pekin roads at any time of year. Our technicians only install the highest-quality BMW motor oil to protect your SUV, keep the engine running in top shape, and prolong its engine life so you get the most out of your investment.

Discover more about the BMW X5 oil change process with BMW of Peoria, and stop by our service center for all of your maintenance needs.

Types of Oil Recommended for BMW X5 Models

Conventional motor oil may work for older vehicles or less expensive ones. However, your BMW X5 is no ordinary SUV. Premium vehicles with more advanced engine designs benefit from customized formulations you can only find in synthetic motor oil, which has been specifically engineered to keep your BMW X5 in top shape

Synthetic motor oil works best for your 2023 BMW X5 because:

  • Synthetic oil is less likely to acidify and oxidize because it has greater chemical stability.
  • Synthetic oil will last longer than conventional oil, giving you more time between BMW X5 oil change intervals (and reducing your overall costs of ownership).
  • Synthetic oil is a better choice for turbocharged engines, which require improved oil viscosity and durability for peak engine performance as the pistons fire precisely at the right time.

BMW X5 Oil Change Frequency Information

Under ordinary driving conditions around Dunlap and Galesburg, several types of synthetic oils may last between 10,000 to 15,000 miles and 12 months. However, it’s not unusual to have a recommended oil change every 5,000 miles and six months to keep your engine in top shape. You’ll also need to take into account your driving habits and the conditions in which you drive.

There are two ways to understand when to bring your BMW X5 in for an oil change:

  1. Check your owner’s manual for information about the right BMW X5 oil type and BMW X5 oil change interval.
  2. Follow the guidance of your oil life monitor system that takes into account your driving habits in between oil changes.

We also recommend looking at your engine’s motor oil once per month to make sure it looks as you expect. Good motor oil is amber in color without any dirt. It’s also thicker. Oil that needs to be changed is dark, almost a black color, and not as thick. The best place for an oil change is your local BMW dealer, like BMW of Peoria.

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